Friday, November 4, 2011

Hexagon Table

Isn't it funny when you look at things coming back, the hexagon table is one of them.  We had one when I was growing up.  Except mom said hers had slate on top.  I was in the goodwill the other day and saw this table.  

For $5 I couldn't resist, she came home with me.  I decided to take the hardware off and paint it black (it was a brass color).  I then primed the table and ran to home depot and found some oops paint.  LOVE me some oops paint.  What a great deal for .50cents each!  I was hoping to find a grey and blue and that was the two colors that they had.

I painted the table with the blue paint and then dry brushed the grey over the blue.  I like the detail it gave the table. 

I have it in the corner of my bedroom right now.  I have a lamp that I also got at goodwill that I need to paint and then redo the lamp shade to put on top of the table. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  I am going to start Christmas shopping, I hate waiting to the last second and since I have gotten older I hate crowds.